Canadian chef recreates outrageous recipes from movies and TV

"People making food edited to be synced with theme-appropriate music" is practically a genre unto itself nowadays, but lately there's been one Internet chef in particular I enjoy as my latest guilty pleasure- and no, I'm not talking about Binging with Babish. Cooking with Fred takes the basic idea of recreating food from media and dials it up to 11, following recipes from beloved cartoons, movies and TV to a tee, even when said recipe involves something like "ruin your waffle maker with a pound of caramel."

Fred himself has quite the pedigree, though, as a trained chef with more than 40 years in the industry, and uses that expertise to make these bizarre creations into something appealing. When not ridiculous recipes – according to his website – he works at a nonprofit dedicated to feeding the less fortunate in his birthplace of British Columbia. Truly an unproblematic fave, as the kids say. Even his beef Wellington is perfect!