Pastor arrested after trying to push man's head into deep fryer at MacDonald's

Dwayne Waden, 57, a pastor in High Point, North Carolina, headed to MacDonalds when his wife complained she was being disrespected by her colleagues there. Waden grabbed a cook's head and tried to shove him into a deep fryer, according to police, and now faces an assault charge.

According to a police report, Waden "came into the McDonalds on S Main Street, walked around the counter and placed his hands around the neck of the victim, pushing his head toward the deep fryer," punched him several times in the face, and did not relent until he was pulled off the victim by other employees.

The victim suffered contusions and scratches and was transported to the hospital; there is reportedly video of the incident, but it hasn't yet been released. MacDonalds subsequently announced that Mrs. Waden was no longer with the franchise, reports CBS News: "the safety and security of our employees and customers is our top priority."

Waden's Elevated Life International Ministry has a YouTube channel featuring some of his sermons. No baptisms, though.