"Sweetie, have you seen the yacht photos?" — Elon musk is in no shape for a cage match, says a tipsy Anderson Cooper

CNN's Anderson Cooper was in rare form on New Year's Eve as he threw back shots with his best pal, Andy Cohen, to ring in 2024.

As the duo stood on the stage in the middle of Times Square bantering on a variety of subjects, the discussion naturally turned to cage matches and Elon Musk's reluctance to spar with arch-rival Mark Zuckerberg.

"…Of course, he didn't show up for the cage match," said Cooper.

"Right," agreed Cohen. "Well, was there one scheduled?"

"No, but like, Mark Zuckerberg is, like, in great shape and clearly trained, you know, like serious training," said Cooper.

"Oh, you're saying Elon Musk is not in good shape?" asked Cohen in mock surprise.

"Sweetie, I mean, have you seen the yacht photos?" said Cooper, before the men shared a deep-bellied chuckle.

I'm sure Elon doesn't mind a bit of good-natured body shaming thrown his way. He's done with cage matches. 2024 is the year he intends to focus on becoming the funniest man on Twitter.

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