The Jokes Phone isn't your ordinary pay phone

The Jokes Phone is a unique, free pay phone located in the D.C. neighborhood of Chevy Chase. When you pick up the vintage looking pay phone and press two buttons, you'll find yourself hearing the voice of a stranger, who may tell you a knock knock joke or offer a piece of kind wisdom.

I love the fun spirit of this project. It feels like something out of a cartoon universe. I hope to use the joke phone someday!

From Atlas Obscura:

"The Jokes Phone is the work of Don Rutledge, a substitute teacher at the nearby school who lives just across the street. He bought an old payphone online and spent several months tinkering with it so that it could present passersby with jokes on demand.

According to a website with statistics on the phone's usage, it has told over 6,000 jokes since it was installed in May 2023, with knock-knock jokes being the most popular choice."