Introducing Nocode, the long term solution to web application security and reliability

Kelsey Hightower's Nocode [github] fixes all the problems associated with modern web app development: "Write nothing; deploy nowhere."

Now that you have not done anything it's time to build your application:


Yep. That's it. You should see the following output:


A number of issues are open at github, mind you. Perhaps it wasn't ready for prime time. Read the rest

What does a Jedi use to open a PDF file?

What does a Jedi use to open a PDF file?

Adobe-Wan Kenobi. Read the rest

Hilarious daily dry-erase charts

Matt Shirley (better known via Instagram as mattsurelee) tries to make a whiteboard chart every day, with oft-delightful results. Read the rest

These tiny street art installations are easy to miss

Miguel Marquez Outside chronicles Australian artist Michael Pederson's clever and cute installations of small artworks. Read the rest

I wonder if my house sitter found the 'Snakes in a Can' yet

Whenever I leave town I put the can on my kitchen counter.

Loftus Three Snakes in a Can - King Deluxe Mixed Nuts Prank via Amazon Read the rest

"I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy"

Anyone familiar with Star Wars or even the modern art of movie-making will know what's coming as soon as Rey says it, but it's a brilliantly effective joke. Read the rest

How jokes won the election

Emily Nussbaum at The New Yorker takes a deep dive into comedy's outsize role in Trump's victory. It's one of the best long reads about the pop culture that defined this election. To use Emily's comedy metaphor, with notable exceptions like "Delete your account," Hillary and her supporters didn't read the room and were heckled at nearly every turn. Read the rest

How Louis CK tells a joke

The Nerdwriter presents a fascinating analysis of why Louis CK's jokes are funny.

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How to upgrade your old MacBook Pro to be just like the new one

Adapters for everything!

Previously: Already regretting assigning the new MacBook Pro review to Borges Read the rest

World's smallest comedy album

Jason Klamm from the Comedy on Vinyl podcast (previously) writes, "My comedy duo just set a world record with the world's smallest playable comedy album. People in A Position to Know made a custom turntable and plinth and we got it down to 1.5". It's a really dumb joke (set up on side A, punchline side B), but that was sort of the joy of having to put it together. Since Guinness doesn't want to accept a new world record by genre, they didn't include it, but there are no other contenders that any of us have been able to find." Read the rest

Make a horse penis joke on Facebook, get 5 years in Kyrgyzstan prison

Do not compare sausages to horse penises in Kyrgyzstan, or you could end up spending five years in prison. One man who learned this the hard way is Michael Mcfeat, a Brit who works at a gold mine in Kyrgyzstan. Mcfeat recently posted to Facebook that a traditional Kyrgyzstanian horse sausage known as chuchuk, which was being served to his co-workers at a holiday party, was actually a "special delicacy, the horse's penis." His co-workers complained to authorities and he was arrested.

Mcfeat, who is currently being held by police, could face racial hatred charges punishable by a jail term of up to five years, it said. A British embassy representative confirmed that officials were in touch with both Centerra and the local authorities over the matter.

Following the uproar, the Briton deleted his remarks and posted an apology on Facebook, saying he had not meant to offend anyone.

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How did Darth Vader know what Luke got for Christmas?

He felt his presents.

(via r/jokes) Read the rest

'Just gonna leave this massive Star Wars spoiler here'

Hurr durr. Read the rest

How many ears does Mr. Spock have?

Three. The left ear, the right ear, and the final frontier.

(Thanks, Cash Ashkinos!) Read the rest

Twitter joke thieves are getting DMCA takedowns

Among professional comedians, joke theft is no joke. Now Twitter is allowing members to use DMCA notices to take down tweets posted by accounts that copy and paste them without attribution. PlagiarismBad's name-and-shame campaign has already netted a few celebrities. Read the rest

Unsupervised AI makes up some pretty funny jokes

Unsupervised joke generation from big data [PDF], a paper by University of Edinburgh researchers Sasa Petrovic and David Matthews, describes an ingenious and successful method for teaching a computer to make up jokes like "I like my relationships like I like my source, open;" "I like my coffee like I like my war, cold;" and "I like my boys like I like my sectors, bad." The researchers wrote code that called on Google's n-gram database to find noun-attribute pairs, zero in on nouns with ambiguous meaning, and automatically generate jokes. Read the rest

Wall Street Journal ruins perfectly good joke

In 1982, at the urging of his parents, Ensign Eldridge Hord sat for a formal photograph commemorating his graduation from the Naval Academy.

It was the sort of portrait that looks a bit silly as you get older, especially as this particular portrait was used in the photographer's advertising. Many prints were made. Some with paint texture added for classy effect. In 2003, Hord's sister brought a 3-foot-tall version to a party at his house as a joke. Some of then-Captain Hord's Navy colleagues were also at the party. Naturally, they swiped the portrait, beginning a years-long running gag of smuggling the giant photo into various Navy offices and events.

When Hord retired in 2009, the pranksters had a "Eureka!" moment.

On one of his last days at the Pentagon, Lt. Col. Bangsboll went to a jewelry shop to have a brass plaque engraved, egged on by colleagues and co-conspirators.




Lt. Col. Bangsboll scouted the halls [of the Pentagon] for the right spot ... He settled on a previously unadorned hallway ... At 6:15 a.m. on July 29, 2011, Lt. Col. Bangsboll spirited the portrait to the hallway and drove a large screw into the wall.

Nineteenth century sailor Chuck Hord and his suspiciously blow-dried hair might still be hanging in the halls of the Pentagon were it not for those meddling kids at the Wall Street Journal.

After The Wall Street Journal asked Pentagon officials about the long-lost sailor's suspiciously modern hairstyle, Lt.

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