Biden mocks "defeated-looking" Donald Trump with joke about finances

President Biden isn't one to shy away from a good joke when he sees one, and the sight of a cash-strapped Donald Trump is no exception.

So while at a campaign event in Dallas today, Biden took pleasure in "recalling" a conversation he had with the unsightly one-term president.

"Just the other day, this defeated-looking man came up to me and said, 'Mr. President I need your help. I'm in crushing debt. I'm completely wiped out,'" the president said.

He then paused for a comedic moment before delivering his punchline: "Donald, I'm sorry. I can't help you."

And according to The Independent, his crowd erupted in laughter.

Of course Biden is referring to both Trump's $464 million bond (and many other legal fees) that he owes for the fraud judgement against him, as well as the fact that Biden has reported "$71 million in cash on hand to Trump's $33.5 million" in campaign funds, according to The Washington Post. That is more than twice as much cash in campaign funds than his angry opponent has. And, as bigger coffers don't always correlate with an election win, we might as well laugh now, while we can.

(Unfortunately, video of the gag hasn't yet been posted online, but I'll add it here if and when it becomes available.)