Trump files bizarre, rambling reply in immunity battle

Trump's legal team appears to be mimicking his screamy, illogical social media rants.

Trump filed his reply demanding all charges be dropped against him in the Election interference case because of "Presidential Immunity." Citing sections of the US Constitution that do not mention this immunity but rather seem to support arguments that the former President has no shelter from prosecution, his legal team has created a baffling document.

In support of the second argument, Trump's attorneys allude to the double jeopardy clause arguing that because Trump was previously "tried" in the Senate, he cannot be tried again in a federal court. This issue has never been tested historically. But traditionally, the double jeopardy clause would only attach in the event someone was previously prosecuted in criminal court for the same action. 

The brief proceeds to go through each of the arguments put forth by Special Counsel Jack Smith's team, specifically that Trump is not immune from criminal prosecution because the acts taken leading up to and on January 6, 2021, did not occur within the scope of his official duties as President of the United States. This is when Trump's brief begins to sound like many of his Truth Social rants. First, within the argument section, Trump's counsel cites to an anonymously authored report about voter fraud during the 2020 election, which Trump posted on Truth Social. The brief does stop short of stating that the report contains accurate, verified information, however. 


I wonder when Emoticons work their way in? Beyond the continuous game of delay, delay, delay it becomes less clear how Trump is helping himself. It appears he continues to be out-maneuvered by the Special Prosecutor but where this stops nobody knows.