"Uh-oh": Psychic on Fox TV nervously sees unexpected prediction for Trump (video)

Fox News host Jesse Watters thought he'd have some fun with a psychic, but oops, her Trump forecast was not what either of them had predicted.

"I would like, Paula, for you to give me a reading on President Trump," Watters said to guest Paula Roberts, aka the "English psychic." To which Roberts channeled the powers that be, choosing a tarot card, only to roll up her eyes, purse her lips, and utter, "Uh-oh."

She was greeted with the Five of Cups, a card that portrays a tall, slouching, dark-robed person that is often interpreted as sorrow and loss. "What is that?!" Watters asked with a nervous chuckle.

"I mean, I do recognize that I'm at Fox TV," the startled psychic said, joining in on the nervous laughter. "A sense of loss. A sense of loss…"

"But it's – it's very specific. No, no, no, l-let me move on. It's a sense of loss…" Roberts tittered again, her wheels spinning before composing herself, carefully coming up with an alternative "interpretation": "It's as if he may be thinking more about what he's lost, and not still taking full advantage of what he still has," she said, actually crossing her fingers as she stared at Watters, waiting with bated breath for the MAGA preacher's response.

"That's a great interpretation," Watters said, to the relief of both Roberts and himself.

"It's true!" she said, exploding with laughter. "It's true! I mean, I don't make it up." (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)