As President, Trump personally took millions from foreign governments

A report released by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee identifies at least $7.8 million that Donald J. Trump personally received from foreign governments.

The only surprise is that the number is so low. Everyone knew Trump was absolutely going to use the Presidency to steal as much money as he could, but I didn't think he'd be this bad at it. His son-in-law Jared managed to find $2B from his overseas pals; how come Orange Julius is so far behind?

The report unequivocally states that, based upon documents and records that have been reviewed, there is a "stunning web of millions of dollars in payments made by foreign governments and their agents directly to Trump-owned businesses, while President Trump was in the White House."

In the preface of the report, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) wrote: "It is true that $7.8 million is almost certainly only a fraction of Trump's harvest of unlawful foreign state money, but this figure in itself is a scandal and a decisive spur to action."

USA Today reports that the information came from information handed over to Congress by Mazars USA, Trump's former accounting firm in 2019.

Raw Story

Trump personally took millions from foreign governments. We heard stories during his Presidency of government agents being ordered to use his hotels and resorts, directing cash into his otherwise faltering businesses. Who knows what other angles he and his kids found to steal directly or indirectly from the American people?

Selling his favor to China, however, should even disgust Trump's cultists! According to Don, China is the most significant external enemy the United States has. Being a paid stooge, the Orange Menace should know! I hope more indictments are forth coming.