Dog eats $4000 in cash (video)

Cayton Law of Pittsburgh, PA left an envelope on his kitchen counter containing $4,000 in cash as payment for contractors working on his home. When he returned, he found his family's goldendoodle, Cecil, chewing on the $100 and $50 bills.

"He doesn't do many dog things, he doesn't chew furniture or clothing, that's why we're extra shocked when he decided to do this," Law told KDKA.

Law's wife Carrie Law added, "He has never in his life tried to get anything from a counter, even coffee table. We could leave dinner and go to the kitchen and grab wine, and he would not touch the food, and he just doesn't care. He just took this opportunity and ran with it."

Fortunately, a veterinarian advised them that Cecil would be OK. Unfortunately, he swallowed quite a bit of the money and had torn up nearly all of it.

"Just trying to find numbers, we'd recover something from something he left in the yard and say oh my gosh, we have a 6 for the serial number. And try to get that taped on," Carrie Law said. "We had to have the majority of the serial number on both sides and the bank said if you tape it, that would help. So, I brought everything in a plastic bag and brought gloves for them."

In the end, the couple only lost $500. And Cecil is doing just fine.