King Trump blasts DeSantis, Haley, and Christie: "NO LOYALTY"

Donald Trump was up to his old tantrums today, blasting three of his Republican opponents in a fit of rage for being "disloyal" to him. And of course, during his tirade, the four-times indicted presidential frontrunner resorted to name-calling, referring to Ron DeSantis as "Bobblehead," Nikki Haley as "Birdbrain," and Chris Christie as "Sloppy."

"Ron DeSanctimonious has one minor flaw against the Democrats — He has ZERO personality. If I didn't endorse him, he would have finished, during the Primary, at 3%. NO LOYALTY!" the perpetually angry MAGA leader began on Truth Social.

"Bobblehead is now in third place, Jeff Roe has taken all of his money and quit, and he should get on a plane and go back to Florida today. He never told the people, during the Florida Governor campaign, that they would be abandoned."

"Just like Sloppy Chris Christie did to New Jersey (He finished up at an 8% approval rating!)," he continued.

"Birdbrain said, over and over again, that she would NEVER run against the President, 'He was a GREAT President' – and then she ran. Two very unreliable and disloyal people! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

And although Christie might be laughing, you can Trump's latest rage-post has the cowardly Haley and DeSantis both quivering in their (fancy) boots.

(See his ridiculous post here, on Mediaite)