Sweethearts candy-heart rejects brilliantly marketed as 'Situationships'

Hey there, lovebirds and… well, not-so-sure birds! Spangler Candy, the company that swooped in to save Sweethearts candies in 2018, is now turning what some might see as flaws into a unique Valentine's Day feature by introducing special edition "Situationship Boxes."

Yes, that's right – they're boxing up their blurry, hard-to-read candy-heart misfits to mirror the often perplexing nature of today's dating scene.

Evan Brock, a rep from Spangler's marketing team, writes, "The printing on Sweethearts isn't always perfect. This is our way of embracing those imperfections in a way that taps into pop culture."

More on "situationships" from the press release:

According to the Cleveland Clinic, situationships are romantic entanglements where the participants haven't established the nature of their relationship. From a relationship with "that one person you meet up with whenever they happen to be in town" to "your go-to 'plus one' for couple-y events," situationships have no labels, exclusivity or boundaries.

Research from Tinder, the world's most popular dating app, indicates that young singles now consider the situationship to be a legitimate relationship status. The undefined and noncommittal situationship continues to evolve as people are less concerned about relationship outcomes and more interested in enjoying the process, according to Tinder data.

The word "situationship" recently ranked in the top four terms considered for the Oxford University Press' 2023 "Word of the Year." Hence the Situationship Box from Sweethearts, filled entirely with sweet, muddled nothings and literal mixed messages.

These "Situationship" boxes will be up for grabs starting Monday, January 8th, at 9 a.m. EST. Get'em while they're hot.