How did this gentleman get stuck in a clay pot? (video)

In this video clip shared on Twitter, we find ourselves at a genteel garden party transformed into a theater of the absurd as a guest gets stuck in a clay plot.

A young man an expensive sweater is half-emerged from a large clay pot rocking on the ground. He expresses his embarrassment at finding himself in this uncommon predicament by uttering a string of socially unsuitable expletives.

His fellow guests, a mixture of confusion and concern etched on their faces, are at a loss, unable to devise a strategy to extricate the unhappy human hermit crab from his earthenware shell.

The video cuts off prematurely, leaving the viewer in suspense. One can only hope that he remains ensconced in the pottery and is hired to star in a reimagined version of Tod Browning's iconic 1932 film, Freaks.

[Update: they chiseled him out.]