A jittery Junior Trump says U.S. should subpoena "jacked up" Biden for medical records (video)

A jacked up Junior Trump had Rep. Ronny Jackson on this podcast, and yet he didn't let the Texas physician get a word in edgewise as he asked if there's a way to subpoena "jacked up" President Biden for his medical records. (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)

"Can the American public – is there a way to subpoena if they're giving him something to stay cognitive?" asked the jittery son of former one-term president Donald Trump. He then launched into an unstable outburst against President Biden's popular speeches as of late.

"Because it feels to me like, when I watch him at a, what would be, he doesn't do many, right? It's not like Trump will get up there for 45 minutes, an hour, two hours and speak. It's always very curt, contise [sic], wuwh [sic] they can cut it down, 'time to go everyone get out of the room,' but it does feel like, if it goes on for more than a few minutes, you see like everything wears off. I mean, is there a way for the American people to find out? Because I think they have a right to know if their president is just being artificially jacked up by some sort of medication to create the illusion that there is some coherence," said the perpetually incoherent speed-talker.

Translation: While windbag Daddy Trump — who has consistently refused to release his medical records — rambles on, making stuff up for hours at a time, President Biden is energetic, concise and to the point. And for this, the American public should be able to subpoena his medical records.