Another incoherent rant from Don Jr

Don Jr is unhappy that ABC didn't share his father's grift on TV and help them fundraise. I wonder how much of the Trump family empire is now supporter donation-funded and when we'll start seeing lawsuits over the crooked ways the Trump family uses political donations for their own good.



"He's (his indicted father) a declared candidate of the United States, but we're gonna prevent him from getting everything out there," he said while totally not being coked out of his brain. "He raised a lot of money because Americans understand just how insane that is, but ABC News is gonna make sure, and Disney probably on top of that with directive because we all know what's happening behind the scenes with these clowns is gonna make sure they limit that reach they limit that possibility they limit that speech again of a declared candidate the leader of the opposition party a former President of the United States."

"That's the America we're living in, folks, but they are the arbiters of what you can see at part of a press conference of a declared candidate," he added in his not-drug-fueled rant. "This is third-world nonsense. "Okay, they don't get to decide that that's an in-kind contribution to the Democrats."

Can some of our readers translate that gibberish for me, please? I do not speak Cocaine.

Featured Image: Twitter/screen grab