Disability advocate: I'm being harassed by the owner of ammunition company who put my image on a bag of bullets

A disability advocate and activist named Potatum recently posted this video explaining how she's being harassed by a man who runs an ammunition company and by many of the folks who follow him on social media. In the video and on her X/Twitter page she shares screen shots of them threatening her with physical harm. She also discusses how the man has posted pictures of a bag of 9mm bullets with her image and social media address on them, with the text "Are you a branch COVIDian?" and "Never go full Pot8um." 

I took a look through his X/Twitter timeline and the tweet with the photo of the bag of bullets is still up, along with other instances of him doing the same thing to other people whose politics and identities he doesn't like. Potatum shares that she's working through legal channels to stop the harassment, and I really hope she finds some resolution to this as soon as possible, because this is, quite frankly, pretty frightening.

If you want to learn more about this ongoing situation, here's Pot8um's X/Twitter and her website, where I bought a cool Kassandra shirt for myself for Christmas.