Elon Musk's ironic bot army exposed

Bluesky users are roasting Elon Musk for his freshly exposed blue-checked bot army of fake Xitheads.

When Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk really didn't want to buy Twitter, he became the billionaire who cried "Bot!" Musk insisted Twitter leadership had hidden, miscalculated, misused, or otherwise somehow defrauded him over the number of bots on the social network. Musk had, however, waived all due diligence early on in the purchase. Having waived all due diligence, it didn't matter whether all the users were bots. Musk had bought him a social network! Yee-haw!

Fast forward a year and it appears Xitter, the steaming remains of Twitter, is using bots to generate Tweets and look bigger. I am sure the few remaining advertisers are thrilled to hear it.

Comments here are pretty choice. Waiving due diligence was immensely stupid. I just can't imagine advertisers are going to return to the noted antisemites social network soon.