Nikki Haley caught in whopper of a lie on stage

Politicians are notorious for telling lies to appease their audience, and Nikki Haley's recent appearance on Fox News exemplifies this. While she was on stage, Bret Baier confronted her about her statements on retirement age.

Baier asked, "Governor DeSantis is criticizing you for claiming the retirement age is 'way way too low.' He said, 'I don't know why she's saying that.' So, are you saying that? Where do you stand?"

"I have never once said that," Haley responded indignantly.

"Wait, wait, wait," Baier interjected, holding paper receipts. "In a Bloomberg interview, you said, 'Anyone who says they'll leave America bankrupt, Social Security will go bankrupt, Medicare will, so we don't touch anyone's retirement, but go to people like my kids in their 20s and tell them the rules have been changed. Change the retirement age to reflect life expectancy.'"

"Yes!" Haley replied enthusiastically, as if the two diametrically opposed statements were one and the same. Fortunately, Haley shares another characteristic endemic to politicians: a lack of contrition.

With life expectancy declining in the U.S., Haley's stance suggests that younger generations, like her children, should retire earlier than older folks if retirement age mirrors life expectancy.

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