Roger Stone reported told NYPD cop that Democratic congressmen "has to die"

Mediaite says it has obtained a recording of MAGA political operative Roger Stone telling a NYPD policer officer friend that Democratic Congressmen Jerry Nadler or Eric Swalwell "has to die." The conversation allegedly took place at a restaurant in Florida.

"It's time to do it," Stone reportedly told his cop pal Sal Greco (who was later fired from the NYPD). "Let's go find Swalwell. It's time to do it. Then we'll see how brave the rest of them are. It's time to do it. It's either Nadler or Swalwell has to die before the election. They need to get the message. Let's go find Swalwell and get this over with. I'm just not putting up with this shit anymore."

From The Guardian:

Mediaite cited an anonymous source "familiar with the discussion" as saying they believed Stone was serious.

"It was definitely concerning that he was constantly planning violence with an NYPD officer and other militia groups," the source said.

Stone's associations with far-right groups such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, culminating in the attack on Congress on 6 January 2021, have been investigated widely.

The anonymous source told Mediaite: "Stone had been at war with Nadler and Swalwell for years. He just hates them. He just wanted to get Trump back into office so these things would stop."

Stone issue a statement to The Daily Mail, denying that he had the conversation. "If there is such an audio, why don't they post it?" he wrote. "Why won't they send it to me? If there is such an audio it would have to be illegally obtained and if there is such an audio it would have to be an AI generated fraud since I never said any of the words attributed to me."