Roger Stone and Randy Credico talked about WikiLeaks plans, their leaked texts show

"Big news Wednesday... Hillary's campaign will die this week," Randy Credico texted Trump ally Roger Stone, just 6 days before the WikiLeaks email dump.

These text messages obtained by NBC News show that Donald Trump's longtime political “dirty trickster” consigliere Roger Stone was boasting of dirt to come from Wikileaks. Stone has previously denied any foreknowledge of the late-2016 Wikileaks dumps, as he attempts to squirm away from the Special Counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller. This latest news won't help him accomplish that. Read the rest

Roger Stone denies not-yet-published story Trump knew of WikiLeaks DNC dump

Roger Stone's Instagram sure is weird.

In an Instagram video he posted today, longtime Trump consigliere Roger Stone said that a Ronan Farrow story soon to be published in The New Yorker reports that Stone explicitly told Donald Trump in October 2016 that WikiLeaks had obtained and was preparing to dump John Podesta's emails. Read the rest

Here's why Roger Stone could be the unnamed person in new Russia indictment

Messages sent by Roger Stone suggest he is the unnamed individual in the new Russia probe indictment made public Friday. Read the rest

Roger Stone had contact with Wikileaks' Julian Assange in 2016: WaPo

Longtime Trump consigliere Roger Stone likes to give slippery answers when grilled by lawmakers or reporters about the specifics of his contacts with Wikileaks and Julian Assange, who are more or less one and the same. The Washington Post finds that their contact dates back to at least 2016. Read the rest

Roger Stone plans to sue Twitter

At the dawn of the weekend, Twitter banned infamous political brawler Roger Stone. The curiously-bleached trumpkin had responded to news of charges in the Russia probe with an abusive meltdown, in which he called CNN's Don Lemon a "covksucker" and issued vaguely threatening remarks to all and sundry. Now, Stone plans to sue Twitter for turfing him out — but on what grounds?

Stone later vowed to bring legal action against the social media platform, though he did not specify beyond saying he was communicating with "prominent telecommunication attorneys."

"The battle against free speech has just begun," Stone told Politico in response to the ban. "This is a strange way to do business and part and parcel of the systematic effort by the tech left to censor and silence conservative voices."

Bravo to Twitter for ridding itself of him.

Twitter is Twitter's speech, not yours. Speechcropping there gives you no rights, only a borrowed void to scream into. Read the rest