Trump proxy McEnany's latest ridiculous claims

Donald Trump paid Kayleigh McEnany with taxpayer dollars to lie to the United States. Now Fox News writes her checks.

Kayleigh McEnany was the final evolution of Trump's insane White House press force. We experienced the spineless Sean Spicer, some guy we called the Mooch, criminal podium gangster Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was infuriating, and then, in the end, a non-stop firehose of lies: Kayleigh McEnany. Here, McEnany is trying to draw a false equivalence between Justice Brown Jackson, whose husband has not attempted an insurrection, and Justice Clarence Thomas, who is morally bankrupt.

Here is a McEnany highlight from the COVID-19 pandemic:

Two weeks after saying the pandemic wouldn't hit America, McEnany took a position so bonkers that even Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney, a notable Trump loyalist, was left seemingly dumbfounded.

Even as the White House coronavirus task force called for limits on crowd sizes to stem the spread of the virus in early March, McEnany defiantly told Varney that the Trump campaign would not cancel any events and then pivoted to attacking Joe Biden for not holding rallies during the outbreak.

"Look, we have the commander in chief, we have the best health experts, we are taking it day by day, we are currently proceeding as normal," she said. "And look, Joe Biden, he's suspending his rallies. He's been dying to get off the campaign trail. The man can only speak for seven minutes. No wonder he wants to suspend his rallies."

Daily Beast