Fox's Jesse Watters terrified after psyop Taylor Swift posted link to "Who got to her?"

Sly Fox host Jesse Watters is at it again, duping his zombified viewers with another conspiracy theory: Taylor Swift is a psyop working with the Pentagon to destroy the MAGA party. (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

And the proof is obvious — she brazenly "posted the link to," the faux news host told former FBI agent Stuart Kaplan last night, which caused "hundreds of thousands of young Taylor Swift fans" to suddenly register to vote.

And Kaplan was all Q'ed up, agreeing with Watters' assessment of the covert Swiftie operation. "[She has] such immeasurable amount of followers, she can potentially, single-handedly, swing voters because of just the amount of followers that she can potentially influence."

"I wonder who got to her?" Watters asked with a straight face. "From the White House or from wherever. Who makes that initial handshake?"

And lucky for Watters that Kaplan knew just what was going on. He explained that the Biden administration sicced their "perception optics management team" on a perhaps unsuspecting Taylor Swift "to do these types of campaigns."

"Now it is possible that Taylor Swift quite frankly does not know that she is being utilized in a covert manner to swing voters," he continued. "But the bottom line is that the Biden administration is savvy, identifying how many followers and how many voters, potentially, she can influence with either right information or misinformation — she certainly can swing the voters." Yes, she can probably swing the vote, but it doesn't take a psyop to do that — it just takes a pop star who doesn't like Donald Trump.