Marjorie Taylor Greene furious at Hunter Biden for ditching her on House floor: "Coward!" (video)

Marjorie Taylor Greene lashed out on the House floor today after Hunter Biden — who attended congressional committee meetings this morning — walked out as soon as it was her time to speak. (See first video below, posted by Acyn.)

"Excuse me, Hunter! Apparently you're afraid of my words," shouted the crude Georgia lawmaker, who displayed photos of a naked Biden on the House floor last July as part of a political stunt.

"Whooooa!!" shouted another woman off camera that I'm guessing was MAGA Rep. Nancy Mace (S.C.), who "called for Hunter Biden's arrest on the spot," this morning, according to NBC News. "Ohhhh! … Wow, that's too bad!" she wailed.

Madge then used up her time to point her finger and scold the president's son (even though he was by now out of earshot). "[He] sits here with a smug look on his face, and runs away when it's my turn to talk," she shouted. "Not only is he a criminal, but he is a coward!" An interesting choice of words for a Congressquack who is afraid to let Biden testify in a public court, insisting that he instead testify in secret, behind closed doors.

From NBC News:

House Republicans on the Oversight and Judiciary Committees were holding separate committee votes on Wednesday recommending that Hunter Biden be charged with contempt.  

Hunter Biden is at odds with Republicans over their demand that he be deposed behind closed doors. The president's son, who is facing two separate criminal indictments, has pressed to testify publicly, an offer Republicans have refused, continuing to insist that the interview be held privately.

Outside the chamber, Lowell said committee Republicans were motived by "improper partisan motives." He said he and his client had offered to work with Republicans on the committees on a half dozen occasions since February of last year, including on Wednesday, to see "how relevant information to any legitimate inquiry could be provided," but their offers were ignored. He called a GOP subpoena in November for a closed-door deposition "a tactic that the Republicans have repeatedly misused in their political crusade to selectively leak and mischaracterize what witnesses have said."

"The Republican chairs today then are commandeering an unprecedented resolution to hold someone in contempt who has offered to publicly answer all their proper questions," Lowell added. "The question there is, what are they afraid of?"