Ethel the "glamour" tortoise loves people, walks, and dressing up for holidays

Meet Ethel, a sixty-pound, seven-year-old sulcata tortoise who has lived in California with her humans, Kasey and Dan, since they adopted her in 2016. On social media she goes by "Ethel the Glamour Tort," and she definitely lives up to her name. Kasey, Dan, and Ethel often dress up in matching outfits, for holidays like HalloweenThanksgiving, and Christmas but also for workoutsFall camping, and more.

Ethel also loves to go on walks around the neighborhood several times a month when the weather is warm and sunny. She enjoys looking at her surroundings and smelling things as she passes by. And she travels much more quickly than I would have imagined—just look at her go! When she's done, though, she's done, and then her humans put her in her stroller and roll her home. Ethel is quite friendly and loves being around people. She's also no longer an only child, as she now has a human baby brother!  

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