MouthPad is a tiny tongue-operated mousepad for the top of your mouth

My favorite thing about MouthPad is that's how you'd say the word "mousepad" if you were wearing one: it fits into the top of your mouth and you use your tongue on it as a pointing device. Engadget's Cherlynn Low spotted it at CES in Vegas.

I got to see the MouthPad here in Las Vegas, where it's making its first public appearance since its announcement last year, though, to be clear, I did not put it in my mouth to try out for myself. Instead, I watched as the company's co-founder Tomás Vega used the device to navigate an iPhone and open the camera as we took a selfie together. … I watched Vega place the 7.5-gram mouthpiece right on his palette, where it sat surrounded by his upper teeth. He closed his mouth and the iPhone he held up showed a cursor moving around as he opened apps and menus. I asked him to open up the camera and he obliged, and we took a selfie. This was evidently not a pre-recorded demo paired with good acting.

It's pitched as an assistive device, of clear use to people with restricted mobility and so on. Nonetheless, "the street finds its own uses for things."

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