This teenager is not just a big mouth but the world's BIGGEST mouth

Isaac Johnson, 14, of Bloomington, Minnesota, has the world's largest mouth gape. Johnson's 3.67 inch pie hole was recently confirmed to be .21 inches large larger than the gape of the previous record holder, a German fellow named Bernd Schmidt.

According to Guinness World Records, Johnson "can fit objects like a baseball and the bottom of a 20 oz soda bottle into his gape."

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The Onion wonders if animals should have more eyes

The Onion poses a mystifying question of evolutionary biology: wouldn't it be better if animals had more eyes?

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The inside of a Leatherback Turtle's mouth

It's not entirely clear where this image originates from, but the nightmarish interior of the Leatherback Turtle's mouth is attested to by many other ones just like it. Hey, at least it doesn't pee through its mouth. Read the rest