Drunk Men's Choir produces royalty-free music for content creators, with a catch

If you're wondering whether the Drunk Men's Choir's catch is that 'they're drunk', you're right on the money. DougDoug, a YouTuber whose content usually consists of him torturing AI models, has taken it upon himself to help small creators fight the YouTube Content ID system by producing royalty-free music anyone can use.

The only caveat? He's doing this by covering popular songs while as drunk as possible, so the end result is thus unintelligible- and undetectable.

Even if you aren't a content creator, the vocal stylings of the Drunk Men's Choir are likely to move you to tears all the same- just look at their stirring, patriotic rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

If anything, singing the song while piss drunk might just be the most American way to do it. If you're an amateur content creator, try using one of their offerings in your own videos- or just sing along!