Donald Trump was right: GOP group finds over 4,000 miscounted votes in 2020. And they all go to Biden

Donald Trump will be pleased to know that he was was right all along — a Republican-formed group in Virginia found more than 4,000 votes were mistakenly miscounted in the 2020 election. But the former one-term president was wrong on one point: it was President Biden, not Trump, who was short-changed.

"Election results were improperly reported by the previous administration during the 2020 election," announced Prince William Virginia Office of Elections on Thursday. "Donald Trump (R) incorrectly received an extra 2,327 votes and Joe Biden (D) was shorted 1,648 votes."

Not that it mattered in the end, at least not for Biden, who whomped Trump in Virginia anyway by 450,000 votes. Trump, on the other hand, is an even bigger loser than the data previously suggested.

From Office of Elections:

The reporting errors were presumably a consequence of the results tapes not being programmed to a
format that was compatible with state reporting requirements. Attempts to correct this issue appear to
have created errors. The reporting errors did not consistently favor one party or candidate but were
likely due to a lack of proper planning, a difficult election environment, and human error. …

Recount laws exist precisely to review and correct these issues when they arise in close contests. These
issues in 2020 amounted to far less than 1% of the contest totals, the mark where a recount is triggered.

Since 2020, improvements have been made. The entire PWC Office of Elections leadership group has
changed. The process for reporting and validating results has been updated and improved. Critically,
all PWC results tapes are now published online for public review. The Virginia Department of Elections
has also adopted an updated reporting system with additional results validation standards. …

Mistakes are unfortunate but require diligence and innovation to correct. They do
not reflect a purposeful attempt to undermine the integrity of the electoral process and the
investigation into this matter ended with that conclusion.

We have worked to bring transparency to the reporting of an election that happened three years ago.
This dedication remains and applies to all current and future elections. The public should have faith in
the thousands of tireless public servants and volunteers who preserve and protect our democracy.

Via Mediaite