Qanon Shaman wants his fuzzy hat back

Convicted Insurrectionist and Libertarian candidate for Congress in Arizona, Jacob Chansley, wants his fuzzy be-horned cap back.

I guess people don't recognize Chansley without his signature "Hey, look at me!!!!" hat. Can't he get the parts on Amazon again? Does the Shaman think that particular, seemingly made of a cheap costume boa and plastic Viking helmet, hat has magical powers? It certainly didn't keep him out of prison.

The FBI seized Chansley's headdress and belongings when he surrendered, claiming it as evidence. Despite serving 27 months in prison for his role, Chansley argues that there's no justification for the government to keep the headdress, stating, "The case is over, so there's no reason for them to continue holding onto it."

Now on probation, Chansley desires to wear the headdress at future campaign events. His attorney, Bill Shipley, questions the government's reasons for retaining it, citing "shifting excuses."

Chansley has embraced his notoriety by selling "America's Shaman" T-shirts on his website, featuring the distinctive headdress.

Despite pleading guilty and expressing regret for his involvement in the Capitol attack, he later voiced dissatisfaction with his guilty plea upon release from prison, 14 months ahead of schedule.

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