Wrinkle the Duck had a quack-tastic time in New Orleans!

We've previously featured Wrinkle the Duck enjoying the Ohio State Fair. Well, we're back, inviting you to take a trip to New Orleans with Wrinkle (and her human, juggler Justin Wood). In this adorable video, Wrinkle wanders through the French Quarter with her little red shoes, fist bumping people, sporting a new colorful dangly necklace, and taking photos with folks who are delighted to meet her. She even dances to street musicians The Funfactor Trio singing their signature duck song, "Get Your Ducks in a Row." Wrinkle and Justin truly look like they're having the time of their lives!

The Seductive website tells the story of Wrinkle:

Wrinkle was born in 2020, Sep. 9th, in Louisville Kentucky. She came from an egg, she was egg #5, and she's the only egg that made through (out of 6). . . Wrinkle started her traveling journey at the age of 3 months, she attended her very first event in Central Park New York. She's been to California and New York, and everywhere in between. She travels through time and space, but mostly forward (for now). 

Wrinkle lives in New York City with her humans Justin Wood and Joyce Kung, who according to NorthJersey.com, are "a pair of circus jugglers who serve as the duck's owners, trainers, parents and best friends." On Wrinkle's Instagram, her humans explain that she's biologically a boy, but uses she/her pronouns.

For more of Wrinkle's traveling adventures, visit their "Seducktive" website, or follow them TikTokInstagram, or YouTube.