Marjorie Taylor Greene wants forced births to fill jobs, not immigrants

Georgia Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene hopped on another weird MAGA bandwagon: forced births as the answer to imaginary problems.

Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to be imagining a world where we have a labor shortfall rather than a bunch of people in red states blaming liberals and immigrants for taking their jobs instead of robotic riveting machines. As AI quickly replaces us all, and labor unions are fighting to keep it out, Marge seems focused on the one thing we don't need in the future: more people.

Sitting in here earlier, I was listening to the discussion on jobs and that the whole reason claimed by my colleagues on the other side of the aisle is that they want to bring in as many illegal aliens as possible, give them amnesty so they can fill jobs in America," Greene claimed. "And then they talked about that we have a population growth problem in the United States."

"Well, I think we can all say that if maybe, perhaps, 63 million people weren't murdered in the womb, we wouldn't have a population growth problem, would we?" she asked. "That's not women's reproductive rights. That's called abortion. It's called murder."

Greene blamed abortion rights for slowing population growth.


Any fantasy where women are forced to give birth to babies so they can become cogs in Marge's economic machine is scary.