Trump attacks Governor Sununu for insufficient loyalty

It's not New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu's fault that he has too many u's in his last name. He was just born that way. But he wasn't born with his unctuous habit of insulting Trump (calling him "fucking crazy," and a "jerk" who spouts "kooky talk") while at the same time promising to support him when he wins the GOP nomination for President. That is learned behavior. And even though he swears loyalty to someone he considers a fucking crazy jerk, Trump hates him because Sununu's first choice for President is Nikki Haley.

Trump posted to Truth Social:

Just watched the guy, on Fox News, of course, who ran for President, but never had the "guts" to announce that he was doing so. He was polling so low, including in his State of New Hampshire, that he correctly took a pass on formally getting in. He wouldn't have had a chance, and now he's politically dead. His name is Chris Sununu, and he is the now very unpopular Governor of New Hampshire who endorsed Nikki "Birdbrain" Haley, who is seldom able to beat Crooked Joe Biden in the polls, and will never beat the Democrat Party in reality. Sununu is Chris Christie, without the weight. He does lots of television, and just spews out false fact after false fact. He knows Nikki is way down in her home State of South Carolina, just as he was to me in New Hampshire. She is an unwanted Globalist who is weak on the Border, and will always be willing to obliterate Social Security and Medicare, while at the same time raising your taxes and endangering you already under siege 2nd Amendment. MAGA!!!

In 2015, Adrian Bott xitted the satirical headline: "'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party." Gov. Sununununu, meet your leopard.