Watch two 700-pound spotted pigs, Lucy and Ethel, absolutely enraptured by a gourmet spaghetti feast

This video of spotted pigs brings me so much joy! The good folks at June Farms, an animal sanctuary and safe haven located in the Upper Hudson Valley, New York, treated their two 700-pound spotted pigs, Lucy and Ethel, to a gorgeous spaghetti dinner for New Year's Eve.

Watch these beautiful pigs first snarfle up their appetizer—a giant mixed green salad with baby carrots and parmesan cheese, fresh grapes, and a loaf of bread with butter. Next they move on to the main course, spaghetti with shaved parmesan. The glee with which they devour their feast is infectious! I just love them!

I also love some of the comments on the Instagram reel. Two of my favorites are: "It's hard to watch someone else live your dreams…" and "My typical experience at Olive Garden with unlimited soups salads and breadsticks." I'm just happy to see these adorable creatures living their best lives.

June Farms, located in West Sand Lake, New York, is owned and run by Matt Baumgartner. He describes the farm and its mission on the farm's website:

June Farms is a peaceful farm located on 120 acres of beautiful, fertile land in New York's Upper Hudson Valley. We are often referred to as a "gentleman's farm" because we do not profit from the sale of our animals or crops. Rather, we aim to be a safe haven for our heritage-breed animals, which are the ones that predate factory farming – the same breeds raised by our ancestors centuries ago. At June Farms, these include our Scottish Highland cows, giant Shire horses, Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, Nigerian dwarf goats, chickens, ducks, 2 barn cats and a dog!

Our mission has remained constant since we first opened our barn doors in 2017: To serve as a joyful and fun sanctuary for all of our heritage breed farm animals and the guests who come to visit them.

To see more of the beautiful farm and its even more beautiful animals, follow June Farms on Facebook or Instagram, or visit its website.