Capybaras Harold and Barbara have their own personal back scratchers

Meet Harold and Barbara, two absolutely adorable capybaras who live at Pine Meadow Farm, an alpalca and animal education farm in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. 

Harold and Barbara make the cutest noises when they're happy—they almost sound like they're purring. When these capybaras crunch on vegetables, they also provide excellent sounds for ASMR videos.

Best of all, though, they love being scratched, and the folks at the farm are more than happy to oblige. They even try out different implements to see which ones Harold and Barbara like the best. After watching the videos, I'm pretty sure the capybaras like them all!

To see more check out the farm's website or follow the farm on TikTok or Facebook.


Harold & Barbara love scratches! Trying new things are a form of enrichment for animals! Enrichment helps stimulate their brains🐻💚 #capybara #capybarascratches #capybaras #animals #cuteanimals

♬ original sound – Pine Meadow Farm

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