Dog born with cerebellar hypoplasia "dances" and spreads joy wherever he goes

Meet Fenix "Happy Dog" Lumiere, one of the most adorable dogs I've ever seen. He was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological disorder that affects his coordination and balance. When he was four months old, he was abandoned at a kill shelter, but luckily was rescued by his humans, Zoe and Eric Lumiere. On his webpage, his humans provide more of his story:

When I was abandoned at a kill shelter at 4 months of age, I couldn't stand, was emaciated, and shook badly. But over time, with enough Love and Support, I have slowly learned how to love and see my differences, and my challenges, as gifts. And now I not only stand on my own, but I Prance like a Pony! I'm here to show the world that our differences and our challenges aren't here to hold us back!  Our challenges in life are here to grow us into more Love, More Courage, and More Compassion. And in case you were wondering. My disorder doesn't hurt in anyway. I have full life expectancy. And I am believe that I am perfect, just as I am.

Now, Fenix dances and prances his way into the hearts of his social media fans, spreading love and joy wherever he goes. It makes me so happy seeing Fenix strutting his stuff! To see more of Fenix, follow him on TikTok or check out his website.


Hey where y'all goin'!?

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