Texas Gov. Abbott's antics kill three at the border

Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he wanted to kill people, but Joe Biden wouldn't let him. This week, three people died.

It looks like everything is going according to plan for Texas' psychopathic Governor Greg Abbott. A mother and her two children have drowned while attempting to enter the United States. Blocking access from border patrol agents seeking to aid the presumed asylum seekers and erecting a wall to keep the Federal Agents out, Texas authorities have achieved their desired cruelty.

The dispute between the White House and Texas over immigration escalated last week after the Texas governor, Greg Abbott, ordered a fence built around Shelby Park. Abbott also announced that border agents would no longer be allowed "on that property any more".

Later that same day, a mother and her two young children drowned in the Rio Grande near the park. US border patrol agents alleged they were "physically barred" from entering the park to rescue the family by the state officials.

Texas officials have rejected that version of events and said that Mexican authorities were already recovering the bodies when border agents requested access.