Trump cultists have paid Alina Habba over $2.5 million

According to FEC filings, Trump's ridiculed for incompetence lawyer Alina Habba has been paid over $2.5 million by his PACs.

Out-on-bail insurrectionist fraud Donald J. Trump is over-leveraged and likely broke. The bloviating "hamberder" guzzler is kept afloat by his cult of MAGA adherents. Raising money off any and every event that occurs, the cash is used to pay his legal bills and likely anything else he can get away with. This guy famously used charity funds to pay for his son's $7 Boy Scout registration fee. The cult keeps pumping money into the machine.

Campaign finance experts say using the money to pay for lawyers in cases not related to the campaign or officeholder duties appears to conflict with a federal ban on the personal use of donor dollars, even though the Federal Election Commission has ruled the prohibition doesn't apply to so-called leadership political action committees. The massive amount of money going to lawyers also amplifies the urgency Trump is feeling to raise money both for the campaign and his legal defense, which is unfolding on multiple fronts.

Trump's Save America political action committee has paid nearly $37 million to more than 60 law firms and individual attorneys since January 2022, Federal Election Commission records show. That amounts to more than half of the PAC's total expenditures, according to an Associated Press analysis of campaign finance filings, and represents a staggering sum compared to other political organizations.

During the first half of 2023, Save America spent more on legal-related costs, over $20 million, than any other political committee that discloses to the FEC — more than the Republican National Committee, Democratic National Committee and National Republican Senatorial Committee spent during that period combined.

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