Trump's campaign appearance is a meandering stream of incoherence; the crowd cheers

Out-on-bail insurrectionist and fraud Donald J. Trump gave one of his strangest, most unhinged, and incoherent campaign speeches yet.

In New Hampshire last night, the self-proclaimed aspirational dictator and Republican frontrunner for President gave a campaign speech that has exacerbated claims of his mental decline. A rousing stand against "Debanking" and the Democratic plot to "debank people from their banks" seems to be the Orange Menace's take on President Biden's attack on Junk Fees. Trump's clearest moments were continued claims of election interference, as he has been making that discredited lie for so long that it comes out clearly. His thoughts on corn would be entertaining if he were not poised to destroy our country.

There is also a long, rambling number on Trump's ability to ace a mental acuity test. The more concerned piece of all this, for me, is the audience and their ability to cheer and applaud through this bullshit. Were this a comedian on tour, people would have walked out. Trump isn't a comedian, this babbling moron is their pick to be Dictator. This grand experiment in Democracy could go down in flames to someone unable to connect one sentence to another, and again his audience loves it.

via MTN