David Lynch's Dune to return to movie theaters in February

David Lynch's Dune (previously) was well-cast and full of arresting and magnificent imagery, but it was also confusing and mangled badly in the editing room. Now a cult favorite, and in light of the 2022 Denis Villeneuve film of Frank Herbert's classic novel, the 1984 film is returning to movie theaters in February.

As for Lynch's Dune, the theatrical re-release is the closest fans will get to anything "new." Though the director softened his view on the film a bit in 2022, informing an interviewer that he'd be open to going "back in" to see if another cut was possible, he also declared that such an endeavor is "not going to happen." So, if you want to visit Lynch's take on the harsh desert sands of Arrakis, next month is your golden opportunity to see it on the big screen. Grab your tickets here, and watch the original 1984 trailer below.

You might not be ready for what the next sentence tells you, reader, so brace yourself! This has every chance of being Lynch's biggest box office since itself.