Trump is pre-emptively making excuses for losing New Hampshire

Out-on-bail, 91 times charged criminal defendant and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is already making excuses for a performance in next week's New Hampshire primary.

It sure looks like Donald Trump has decided Nikki Haley will beat him in New Hampshire. To preserve his fragile ego and the story his cult-like adherents cling to — that Trump is some sort of a winner — the loser is lying about voting rules. If voters chose to register as a Republican, they can participate in the NH Republican primary. It is a normal cause of action that passionate voters may change party to vote against someone in the primary. This is very common in my home state of California. Trump is claiming this is Democrats stealing the election for Haley.

Fox host Steve Doocy called out Trump this morning for lying about the voting laws in New Hampshire:

"Donald Trump said that New Hampshire law allows for Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. That is not true. You got to be a registered Republican … The last day for a Democrat to change party affiliation was back in October. So that is not accurate."

Why is Trump lying about this? Because Haley has been surging in the polls and the race is tightening down the stretch. Haley has a legitimate shot to pull the upset in NH or at least have a strong showing before heading to her home state of South Carolina. That worries Trump and he is making his usual preemptive excuses.