Prankster busted for taping dead fish to ATMs across city

Provo, Utah policy busted a teenager up to something fishy. Apparently, the individual was taping dead fish to ATMs and other locations around the city. The prankster documented their hijinks on the Instagram account fish_bandit84. One popular post documented the taping of a fish getting taped onto a cop car.

What is the meaning of such a stunt? Exactly.

From ABC4:

According to police, the teenager is facing two charges of property damage, which were referred to Juvenile Justice and Youth Services. The two charges stemmed from the cost of cleanup […]

A TiTok account under the same name also shows videos of fish taped to ATMS or other objects, such as the back of a bathroom stall door. Some of the fish in these videos have cigarettes in their mouths.

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