Pepperoni prankster admonished: "As an Italian, it hurts the heart"

On Wednesday morning, Manville, New Jersey resident Heather Dougherty awoke to learn she was the victim of a pepperoni prankster. Someone had cut up large loaves of the spicy meat and carefully placed slices "from the door to the edge of the porch and then strategically placed down the stairs, to the driveway and four slices on the hood and four slices on the trunk," she says. Video below.

Beffudled, annoyed, and somewhat amused by the scene, Dougherty was concerned that the meat could mar her car paint.

"Pepperoni cannot damage car paint if it doesn't sit for a really long time," Ricardo Ludena of Gifford Auto Body told PIX11. "It can damage it if it is [sitting around], especially on a hot day." 

According to Manville pizza proprietor Anthony D'Aniello, the meat isn't the same as what he'd put on a pie but it does appear to be of the salami family. In any case, he was disappointed by the wastefulness.

"As an Italian, it hurts the heart," D'Anniello says.

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