Greene: States should have rights and be free from "Big Government." Women? Not so much

Georgia's most rotten peach, Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene, thinks the most radical thing the Supreme Court has ever done is stop Texas Gov. Greg Abbott from breaking the law. I guess women's rights aren't her thing.

In a recent interview, Congressperson Greene of Georgia once again affirmed her ability to spew a word salad. While it seems clear she opposes any big government not run by the Grand Wizard of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, the most exciting thing here isn't her complete misunderstanding of "communism," but rather her choice of "most radical, devastating" Supreme Court decision ever! Greene was not talking about the Supreme Court reversing Roe v Wade but rather this week's decision to allow the Biden Administration to remove the razor wire Abbott had illegally placed at the border.

"Right. This is how communism starts," Greene replied. "I was just talking to a New Hampshire voter right here, an independent, and he was saying that statism is a concern, that big government is a concern. That's what the Biden administration absolutely has brought is big, powerful government, which is communism."

"I'm extremely concerned about that Supreme Court ruling," she continued. "We literally saw a ruling that's going to put the federal government at war with the state of Texas. What's going to be happening with the Border Patrol? What is going to be happening with Texas law enforcement? Are we actually going to see them fighting with one another?"

Greene called the ruling "the most radical, devastating thing that we have seen happen in a Supreme Court ruling, and I think Texas needs to stand their ground and we should join Texas in their fight against the federal government to defend their state, defend their border, defend their people."

"And I'm calling for that right now," she added.

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Greene is also calling for States to rise up against the Federal government, which should invalidate her from holding office.