Loki the raven is an adorable, smart, and affectionate bird

Meet Loki the raven, who is, according to his social media, a "free-flying captive-bred rescue raven based in London, UK." Loki has lived with his human, Elliot Manarin, for about 11 years, and they have formed a very strong bond. On his TikTok, Manarin captures how smart and affectionate Loki is – he's really quite amazing! I love watching Elliot and Loki talking to each other. Loki also enjoys taking baths, and listening to Elliot play guitar.

This 3-minute video, uploaded by Newsflare in 2020, captures how smart and playful Loki is and also highlights the great bond between Loki and Elliot. Newsflare explains:

A UK filmmaker has become best friends with a raven and says the bird often comes inside for a cuddle. The seven-year-old called Loki has grown up in captivity and now has a bond so strong with its owner that it regularly seeks him out for an embrace. Elliot Manarin, based in Basildon, was offered Loki by a breeder after its owner passed away and initially discovered a spiky personality. But years of hard work, love and attention has seen the pair become best friends with the animal even comforting the 33-year-old when his mum died.

For more of Loki the raven, check out his websiteTikTok, or Instagram.


With avian flu still plaguing the UK, our birds are still under lockdown as per government instruction. But, we are doing our best to keep our glossy boi entertained! *loki is a captive bred raven who came to us for rehabilitation. He flies free every day when we arent in lock down. For more info head to lokitheraven.com/about for more information on his origin story* #loki #lokitheraven #gwah #london #london #corvid #raven #guitar #gibson #epiphone

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