Trump hints at Stefanik for VP

Explaining why NY Congressperson Elise Stefanik has recently become more horrible than ever before, Donald Trump is hinting that she may be his VP pick.

No one can believe anything Trump says, but at a campaign stop, he suggested that he would make a "Big Play" to win New York. What could that be beyond picking Elise Stefanik as his running mate? It would explain the recent surge in Stefanik being even more traitorous and awful than usual.

I'm not sure which is more pitiful: Trump's increasingly evident cognitive impairment or Rep. Elise Stefanik's descent into blind devotion to her cult leader. Here we see her barking out a bald faced lie to an MSNBC reporter, saying that Trump's claim that Nikki Haley was Speaker of the House and in the Capitol on January 6, 2021 "wasn't a mix-up." As she explains, Trump uttered the confusing words as a way to show how Haley is "relying on Democrats, just like Nancy Pelosi, to try to have a desperate showing in New Hampshire."

"But he was talking about January 6th!" objects the MSNBC reporter.

Stefanik closes her eyes and shakes her head, as if the reporter is a deluded fool who hasn't seen The Light. "President Trump has not lost his step. He is a stronger candidate. Stronger than he is today, than he was in 2016 and he was in 2020. Compare that to Joe Biden's weakness…"

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