Die-hard MAGA fan poses with Alina Habba, then stunned when he's kicked out of Trump party (video)

Trump's "sick" lawyer Alina Habba was caught living it up at Trump's New Hampshire victory party last night after a delusional Trump fan posted a photo of her on social media. The young gentleman was then shocked when Trump henchmen — aka security — kicked him out of the party. "What did I do!?" he asked repeatedly. (See video below, posted by Warren.)

"I have knocked more than 12,000 doors for President Trump. I've done everything… I'm just standing there supporting Trump. Like, why are you removing me?" said Dylan Quattrucci — the same MAGA cult follower who told police near the Capitol to "go hang yourself" during the riots on Jan. 6 — as security escorted him through the venue towards the exit door.

"Can you give me a reason why? … What did I do that's wrong? I've done nothing but support Trump since the beginning. … What did I do?" For another minute the confused devotee recorded himself professing his loyalty to the grifting four-times indicted ex-president while frantically questioning why he was being turned away from the party. And then reality set in.

"This is unreal. Unreal. Absolutely unreal," he said, the truth of MAGA finally dawning on him. "This is how they treat loyalty in Trump world! … I've done nothing but be extremely loyal to this man, and they kick me out. Absolutely ridiculous. I guess their calls for unity are complete bullshit. And they don't actually mean anything they're saying." Bingo.

"I was just kicked out of the Trump victory party for no apparent reason," he later wrote in a Xitter post.

"I was standing there speaking with other Trump supporters when I was asked to leave and pushed out of the venue," the disillusioned ejectee continued. "This is how they treat loyalty. If only Trump knew how his most loyal and dedicated supporters were treated by his staff…" Oh, sorry to break it to you, sir, but he does know. And he doesn't care. (See his post at the bottom, reposted by Ron Filipkowski.)

Meanwhile, Habba might have some explaining to do when she waltzes back into the courtroom tomorrow.