Russian military transport plane crashes, killing 74

A military transport Il-76 crashed in Russia Wednesday, killing all 74 people aboard. Russia claims it was shot down by Ukraine and that 65 of the dead were Ukrainian prisoners of war.

Video of the crash on social media from the Belgorod border region of Russia showed a plane falling from the sky in a snowy, rural area, and a massive ball of fire erupting where it apparently hit the ground.

The Associated Press could not confirm who was aboard or other details on what brought the plane down. Throughout the 700-day war, Russia and Ukraine have traded conflicting accusations, and establishing the facts has often been difficult, both because of the constraints of a war zone and because each side tightly controls information.

The footage is embedded below. At about 20 seconds in, the camera operator briefly captures a cloud of smoke in the sky, proving that it was knocked down. War, what is it good for?