George Conway tells Nikki Haley how to beat "deteriorating" Trump at his own game (video)

After George Conway pointed out the obvious on MSNBC — that Donald Trump "is deteriorating under pressure" — he explained how Nikki Haley could beat him at his own sadistic game.

"Point out the crazy," the never-Trump Republican told host Willie Geist. (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

"People like Donald Trump know that they are not what they pretend to be," Conway said, after calling Trump out for his pathological narcissism. "He talks about being a stable genius because he knows he is neither stable nor a genius, and he's been doing that for years."

Conway, one of the founding members of the Lincoln Project, then pinpointed the reasons for Trump's glaring deterioration, being "the pressure of the legal cases" and "his advanced age."

So if Haley wants to take advantage of Trump's many fears and weaknesses, Conway suggests she continually push his frazzled buttons. "You need to needle him," he said. "The campaign has to be as much a psychological operation against Donald Trump's empty brain as it must be an attempt to persuade voters, because the two go hand in hand."

"You poke Trump, and you make him behave crazily, crazily, and then you point out the crazy, and then you point that out to the voters," Conway continued.

"And it's a cycle. And it's really important that she keeps doing this. I don't think it's going to end. I think she's done it a little bit too late. But I think it's important that she do it." Because in the GOP, it's not about policies or how to make America great. It's about who can inflict the most amount of pain onto the others.