"He's totally unhinged" Haley finally takes on Trump

Nikki Haley declares serial-loser, 91-times indicted for insurrection, rapist Donald J. Trump "totally unhinged."

As the remaining candidate in the race to face down Donald Trump, Nikki Haley is finally addressing what everyone has been waiting for: Donald Trump. After spending months battling it out over nothing with the likes of Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis, Haley has apparently found the willingness to talk about Trump. Haley notes that Trump and Ronna "Salacious Crumb" McDaniel were trying to steal Republican voters chance to let themselves be heard, and finally pointed out that Trump is off his rocker.

Trump, on the other hand, just gets weirder and sinks deeper into his dementia. Having threatened any Republican who donates to Haley with a permanent blackmark on their record, and a refusal to allow them in the MAGA club, Trump appears to be carpet bombing supporters he will need if he hopes to avoid conviction by being re-elected.