Here's a fun guessing game: Whose snoot is this?

Ok, listen up, animal lovers—you think you know your snoots? Can you distinguish a tapir's gorgeous proboscis from the adorable schnozzle of an aardvark? If so, gather 'round and try your luck at a guessing game concerning animal snouts.

Whose snoot is this? It belongs to a beautiful and funny creature who lives at Apples Farm, an animal rescue. April, who runs Apples Farm, rescued this sweet beast from someone who had tried unsuccessfully to keep it as a pet. In the video, you can see the animal's little flexible snout sticking out from the hole in the fabric, and also catch some glimpses of its cute little paws-with-claws. Its wiggly snout and grabby paws are so cute, I can hardly stand it!

Because it can't be said enough, here's another reminder – wild animals are not pets! Do not try this at home! And to address the anticipated whipped cream critique—April explains on her TikTok that it's only a "snack every once in a while," not a regular thing.

If you think you know the answer to "whose snoot is this?" drop it in the boards. And if you want to see the entire animal, snoot and all, to see if you're correct, here you go.

For more of this cutie, and the other rescues at Apples Farm, check out their TikTok.


One of these days I will learn my lesson on petting Strange animals… Not today tho that snoot was to cute.. #boopthesnoot #foryou #love #cute #fyp #boop #farmlife #coatimundi #rescue #trending #funnyvideos😂 #tiktok #foryoupage #nature #beautful #foodi #whipcream

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